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Sophie Lee Video Clips

Last revised: April 03, 2014.

Here are some very rare clips of Sophie in action.
I hope to be adding some more, at some stage.


Before She was Famous ...

Sophie Lee and The Coasters
Portmans 9 to 6 Sale ~ c.1987
Prior to hosting the Bugs Bunny Show on Nine,
Sophie worked as a model.
( Quelle surprise ! )

This ad was for a 1 day only event, so it was a bit of good luck to have recorded it. Quality of this copy is a bit iffy... If anyone out there has contacts inside Portmans, or their old ad agency, please see if you can dig up a better copy !
Soap Box: The ad is simple, fun and effective. If they made more ads like this, then PVR ad zapping would not matter much. If you don't annoy the audience, they won't be so driven to skip the ads !

Unidentified Sophie appearance
(perhaps from "Raw Silk" 1988)

Mmmmm.... Sophie....

uploaded by GriffinsSoul

Mmmmm.... Sophie....

Kylie interview 1991 :-

(Adults Only)

Promoting "Alice In La La Land" in 2007 :-

Screaming Mimi - Sophie Lee





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Sophie Lee Shrine

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